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  Carluke ML8  
  Larkhall ML9  
  Strathaven ML10  
  Lanark ML11  
  Biggar ML12  
COMMUNITY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE MANCHESTER Weight Loss Challenge is a 12 week workshop conducted by weight loss and wellness coaches, initialised by Herbalife International, world leader in weight loss and nutrition, where participants, regardless of what weight loss program they follow, meet weekly to follow up their weight loss progress, are empowered with advice on nutrition and healthy food choices covering topics like Importance of Protein, Reading Food Labels, Good and Bad Fats, Good and Bad Carbs, Understanding Metabolism, Importance of Exercise, Heart Health, Healthy Breakfast, Importance of Water, etc.  Much more than a 'pay-weigh-and go' slimming club/weight loss class/diet class.